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The Song of Cornucopias
If autumn squash could speak, it would not be about pumpkin pie or Jack'o'lantern candles. It would be a heartfelt harvest song of reaping what we sow. The chorus would resonate through the colorful rinds, reminding us that final results are only as good as the effort we put into them. It would end with a plea to pay attention to the little things we do each day that cultivate habits of success. Dreams, goals, and gourds would never come into existence if it were not for the growth of consistent attention over time. "We are what we repeatedly do," Will Durant said of Aristotle's truth. They heard the song of cornucopias. Listen carefully. You will hear it too. 

The purchase of this listing is for one small oil painting with the following details: 

Title: Squash

Style: Oil Painting

Measurements: 6 x 8 inches

With Frame or No Frame: Painting can come Pre framed or with out frame. Start color for frame is black if you would like a different color or different type of frame contact store owner. Different colors or frames could change the price for framing. 

This original painting was lovingly created using premium oil paints on a canvas board.

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